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Members Only Resources Page  – (Contents: William Field Logbook; Buttle’s Valuation Book) Contact the website Editor for the Password.

Here are some  Guidelines to contributors to the Website, Newsletter and Transactions.

Here are some documents and lists of Resources to help with Local Research in the Cartmel Peninsula area:

Nigels documents

Bibliography June 2019 by John Beckett

Introduction to Cartmel and Lower Holker Almanacs V2 by Peter Roden

Introduction to Broughton East Vestry Book by Peter Roden

Grange Red Books advertisers  by John Beckett

Census Project Report by Peter Roden

Researching Local House History by Rob David

William Field_s Log Book Introduction v2 by Pat Rowland

Hibbert Hoard 1 SUMMARY by Peter Roden (full information available to CPLHS members – contact Nigel Mills)

Wraysholme Hoard SUMMARY by Peter Roden (full information available to CPLHS members – contact Nigel Mills)

The Society holds a digitised map of the Peninsula prepared around 1799, at the time of the Enclosure of 8000;-9000 acres of land and a spreadsheet containing details of Buttle’s Valuation book.. Members may obtain copies from Nigel Mills. See also the following document Locations of Fields in John Buttle’s Surveys prepared by Peter Roden.

Stockdale’s Annals of Cartmel 1872 : Introduction and Contents by Peter Roden

The CPLHS Archive is developing slowly but surely and it’s latest version is now available. The Archive is available on a memory stick at a cost of £10 to members only and includes:

  1. CPLHS Document Archive: An excel spreadsheet with 140+ documents listed and searchable. They are described primarily using village name and available on as a pdf. Work is still in progress to enlarge this database and provide more detail of each document in the spreadsheet.
  2. CPLHS 2016 Anniversary Image Archive. The images in this collection of 275 images from 2015/2016 were submitted by members to our Anniversary Year Competition. They represent the “Tapestry of Village Life” in the peninsula and the collection is still growing.
  3. CPLHS Pre 2016 Image Archive. This collection of 625 images contains donated images of photographs and postcards, not all having copyright permission, and form an historical collection invaluable to local history researchers interested in the Cartmel Peninsula.
  4. CPLHS Grange Then Collection. This is a collection of 2580 images collected by the CPLHS and the Grange Photographic Society in 2000 with additional images added since. They are for reference purposes only but some real historical gems can be found in this collection.
  5. Copies of 1848 OS maps.Four zoomable maps of the Cartmel Peninsula. Added April 2018.
  6. The CPLHS Census Database.An archive containing copies of original Enumerators sheets and an excel spreadsheet of all entries. Added April 2018.
  7. The 1939 Register.An archive containing copies of the original register entries with redacted lines, and an excel spreadsheet of entries. Added April 2018.
  8. Cartmel Parish Register. A digitised record in Excel of births, marriages and burials from 1559 to 1837.
  9. Buttle’s Valuation List. A digitised record in Excel of fields with areas and value for tax purposes.
  10. Johnson’s Enclosure Survey. A digitised record in Excel of fields and allotments for the northern part of the Parish.
  11. Enclosure Map. A digitised and zoomable map of the Parish (approx 1799).
  12. CPLHS Library Archive.Work in progress. Books and publications held by CPLHS and available for use by members of CPLHS.
  13. CPLHS Oral History Archive.Work in progress. List of interviews conducted by CPLHS and Cartmel Village Society with transcriptions. Recordings of interview are also available from CPLHS.
  14. Wills. Various members of the CPLHS have collected copies old wills, and 223 of them have now been both transcribed and indexed for all the people mentioned in them, over 3,000 of them. The collection of transcripts and indexes is now in two files. This file, Part 1 of the Collection, contains the index of people mentioned. The other file, Part 2 of the Collection, contains all the transcripts.

 Conditions for use of the CPLHS Members Archive.

These archives are the property of Cartmel Peninsula Local History Society or publicly available sources. They are made available to members of CPLHS at the discretion of the CPLHS Committee.

Their use is allowed for consultation and research and a copy of any such research is respectfully requested by the CPLHS.

Any wider publication using copies of documents or images, whether for financial gain or otherwise, must respect the copyright status/conditions shown in each Archive and any commercial use must be agreed with the CPLHS Committee.

If you wish to donate to the archive or know more about it please contact Nigel Mills through the Contacts page of this website.

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There is a free-of-charge facility for the Francis Frith Collection on their website. Bring up the selection of images you require and find the image and click on it to bring the image up as a large single image on the page. move the mouse over the image and click the icon with red arrows facing left & right and it takes you to a page headed embed this photo. Choose the pixel specifications and follow the instructions.

The following two booklets are scans from the original publications. New publications are now available to purchase at the monthly lectures and from Nigel Mills.

Lake Cartmel by Murray Mitchell

Cartmel Priory Building Stones by Murray Mitchell