Lindale view – Pat Rowland

The Lindale Village History Group meet informally every 6 to 8 weeks in Lindale and talk about our findings and various aspects of this fascinating hillside village. Our collection of old photographs is building to form an archive and a memory jogger for the longer time residents of the village. Several interviews to capture memories of Lindale have taken place to give a more complete picture and to draw out the more, shall we say, interesting events that have occurred in the village. A long lost record relating to Lindale School has been discovered as have several old photographs not previously seen by members of the group. Discovering local history is I think largely a matter of linking information together and a member is extending what we already hold by recording the businesses that have advertised in the Grange Red Books since 1939 so that the Lindale businesses of the past can be identified. The picture of Lindale is slowly building. If you are interested in joining the group or being involved in a group for your village please get in touch.

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John Henry Ransome by John Beckett

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