Today, as indicated on the OS map of 2015, Templand is located to the North and part of the Village of Allithwaite. The map shows Templand Lane, Templand Gate where Templand Farm is located, and the 1970’s development of Templand Park.

Until the middle of the 19th Century, Templand and Allithwaite were separate small farming communities. In 1858, Mary Lambert bequeathed a legacy to build a Church, School and Parsonage on a plot named Little Templand.

Templand in the 17th &18 Centuries by Phil Rowland 

Templand household belongings in the 17-18C by Pat Rowland

Templand Common Enclosure by Phil Rowland

Notes on Farming at Templand around the turn of the 19th Century by Phil Rowland 

The Walker Family of Templand Farm by Phil Rowland

Walkers of Templand Archive Documents – Commentary by Phil Rowland