1-Oct- Nov 2004 Allithwaite

Towards Allithwaite Church – Pat Rowland

Allithwaite was a small community in the district of lower Allithwaite until the second half of the 19th century. With the establishment of a school and church in 1865, the village became well developed as a community by the beginning of the 20th century.  Many of these articles were written in 2015 to celebrate 150 years of Church and School. See also the Templand & Wraysholme pages.

Allithwaite-A Short History by Phil, Pat & Barbara

A History of Allithwaite by Barbara Copeland.

Allithwaite-bibliography by John Beckett

Allithwaite Lodge French Garden and Nursery by Pat Rowland

Agriculture in Allithwaite  from 17 & 18C inventories by Jennifer Gallagher & Pat Rowland

Boarbank Hall  by Pat Rowland

The development of Allithwaite Village in the 19th century by Phil Rowland

The Establishment of St Marys Church Allithwaite by Phil Rowland

Allithwaite Church East Window Memorials and Tablet by Pat Rowland

Allithwaite (Old) Vicarage by Phil Rowland

Allithwaite School History by Pat Rowland

Allithwaite Institute History by Phil Rowland

Allithwaite Poor House by Barbara Copeland

Allithwaite Mill by Barbara Copeland

The Old Brewery in Allithwaite by Phil & Pat Rowland

The Farmers Arms in Allithwaite by Phil & Pat Rowland

The Guide over Sands – Royal Oak in Allithwaite by Phil & Pat Rowland

The Mortal Man by Peter Le Mare

Greenfield House by Peter Le Mare

Bronze Age Burials in Allithwaite by Barbara Copeland

Another Bronze Age Cemetery discovered in Allithwaite by Phil Rowland

Allithwaite Blitz by Barbara Copeland

Allithwaite Bowling Club by John Beckett

The Wyke farm by Barbara Copeland

Outerthwaite Farm v2 by Phil Rowland

Wraysholme Hoard SUMMARY by Peter Roden

Allithwaite People

Allithwaite WW1 Stories by Barbara Copeland, Carol Hull, Melvyn Hull, Pat Rowland

Mary Winfield Lambert by Pat Rowland

The Incredible Mr Lamb by Phil & Pat Rowland

Fishing Women of Allithwaite by Barbara Copeland

The Hermit Tinker of Allithwaite by Barbara Copeland

Walter Winson v2 by Phil & Pat Rowland


The Clergy of St Mary by Phil Rowland

Allithwaite Vicars Board (now mounted next to the Vicar’s vestry) Pat Rowland

Rev Robert Townson MA  by Phil Rowland

Rev John Hammersley MA by Phil Rowland

Rev James Gilbertson v3 MA  by Phil Rowland