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Next lecture: Thursday 1st September: The mystery of the Chimney at Jenny Browns Point by Simon Williams

Visit:  9th August 14:30: Cartmel Priory Tour. 

CPLHS has reproduced (May 22) this WI Booklet with added historical explanations: on sale at CPLHS meetings £5.


Aynsome Book published in June 2022 available from Nigel Mills or at CPLHS events: £9

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A Recent Zoom  The Development of Tourism in Grange   Pat Rowland

Latest Newsletter: May 2022
Resources  page (Research/Resources) is now available. Contained within this page is the latest information on the Resources held by the society, lists of Oral History Interviews and other information for CPLHS local history researchers. A Members only resources page may be accessed with a password. The page gives access to the William Field logbook transcription and further details of the Oral History interviews. Use the contact us form to request a password. New Digitised Resources available in 2021: Buttle’s Valuation list; Johnson’s Survey, Cartmel Parish Register, Enclosure Map.
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Recent Articles uploaded:
June 2022:
May 2022
Feb 2022

The Textile Industry of the Cartmel Peninsula by Pat Rowland, David Shore, Phil Rowland & Jennifer Gallagher

December 2021

Petteril Cottage Kents Bank by Pat Rowland

Sept 2021
July 2021
May 2021
April 2021
Grange Timeline by Pat Rowland
Mar 2021
Wraysholme Tower by Pat Rowland
Jan 2021
Templand Common Enclosure by Phil Rowland
Dec 2020
Nov 2020
William Richardson Nash  by John Beckett
Sept 2020:
July 2020:
Kentsford House by Pat Rowland
Grange Golf Links by Phil Rowland
May 2020
April 2020
Lindale Tapestry in 2015 by Sylvia Woodhead
March 2020
Boarbank Hall by Pat Row(land
Feb 2020
Jan 2020
Dec 2019
Nov 2019
June 2019
Wraysholme Hoard SUMMARY by Peter Roden
Bibliography June 2019 by John Beckett
Mar 2019
Abbot Hall History by Pat Rowland
Outerthwaite Farm v2 by Phil Rowland
Feb 2019
The Wyke farm by Barbara Copeland
Dec 2018
Census Project Report by Peter Roden
Flookburgh Farm by Les Gilpin
Rev James Gilbertson v3 by Phil Rowland
Nov 2018
Cartmel’s Smithies by Peter Roden
Oct 2018
CPLHS Oral History Report by Barbara Copeland
July 2018
A Mackereth Family History by Tony Harrison
June 2018
Kirkhead Archaeology Report from Morecambe Bay Partnership
Charles E Parker  by Pat Rowland
Mar 2018
In the Footsteps of William Marshal by Angela Monkman Brushett
Stockdale Tree v2 by Les Gilpin
Feb 2018
From flax to linen 2018 by David Shore
49 Market Street Flookburgh by Barbara Copeland
Whitrigg House History by Stuart Harling
Speel Bank Farm by Lyn Prescott
Sunny Brae A House History by Sylvia Woodhead
The Development of Grange by Chris Wright
The Rockeries of Lindale by Sylvia Woodhead
Pubs in Newton by Pat Rowland
The MortaL Man by Peter H Le Mare
Jan 2018
The Greenwood Inheritance by Jennifer Forsyth
Harry Mudd by Rob David
Sept 2017
William Snape biography by Mark Lawrence
Aug 2017
Gerald Whiteway interview by Sylvia Woodhead
Archive Newsletters 2005-2015
Jun 2017
Victoria Hall  by Pat Rowland
Bridges in the Lindale area by Sylvia Woodhead
Newton School Notes by John Beckett
Mr Watson s Hearse by Pat Rowland
Henry Alfred Ransome by John Beckett
Middle Row at Cark by Les Gilpin
Stockdale Tree by Les Gilpin
The Vil‎lage of Flookburgh by Barbara Copeland
John Henry Ransome by John Beckett
Feb 2017
The Sill family of Cartmel by Barbara Copeland
Cartmel Tan Yard by Pat Rowland
Cartmel Methodist Church by Pat Rowland
Edgar Gilkes by Mike Hornung
Jan 2017
Nov 2016
bibliography-vnov16 by John Beckett (Update)   – Bibliographies also added for each village
Hazelwood Hydro by Roger Handley
Dent Hotel by Jan Tomlinson
Grange Post Offices by Ann Cowan
Grange Dept Store by Malcolm McKivor
Merlewood by John Beckett
Merlewood Cave by Phil Rowland
Stanley Webb Davies by Ian Naylor & Harold Hays
Aug 2016
July 2016
From flax to linen by David Shore
June 2016

A brief historical over view of Lindale by Sylvia Woodhead

LINDALE -the valley of flax by David Shore

Accidents on Lindale Hill by Pat Rowland

Lindale the bypass that cant come too soon from Lancashire Life

A Picture of Lindale in 1978 by Vic & Joan Greenhalgh

Lindale’s Inns by Sylvia Woodhead

Leisure in Lindale by Sylvia Woodhead

Lindale Corn Mill and Mill Pond by Sylvia Woodhead

Doors of Lindale by Sylvia Woodhead

Woodworking in Lindale by Sylvia Wodhead

Smithy Hill Works by Sylvia Woodhead

Wilkinson Monument Lindale by Pat Rowland

Peat Cutters cottage by Helen Scott

Yew Trees by Sylvia Woodhead

Yew Trees Deeds by Sylvia Woodhead

The Atkinsons of Lindale by Norman Atkinson OBE

A Tale of Peter Allen of Lindale by Sylvia Woodhead & Pat Rowland

April 2016
The Farmers Arms in Allithwaite by Phil & Pat Rowland
The Old Brewery in Allithwaite by Phil & Pat Rowland
Walter Winson v2 by Phil & Pat Rowland
James Stockdale v2 by Pat Rowland
February 2016
James Shaw by Elaine Edge
January 2016:
Rev James Gilbertson by Phil Rowland
October 2015:
Aynsome by Anthony Varley
Grange War Memorial by Frances Limbrey
Evan Leigh by Frances Limbrey
Hubert Bertie Podmore by Frances Limbrey
Podmore Family by Frances Limbrey  
Hazelwood Court by Anne Cowan
Links to The Bigland Family of Cartmel by Kev Sewell