For 2018 and 2019, members are encouraged to conduct research and produce articles on Agriculture in the Peninsula.

CPLHS Agriculture Resources

The Cartmel Agricultural Society and Show – the early years by Pat Rowland

Agriculture in Allithwaite from 17 & 18C inventories by Jennifer Gallagher & Pat Rowland

Farming on the Cartmel Peninsula in the 19th Century by Phil Rowland

Commons Enclosure in the Ancient Parish of Cartmel by Phil Rowland

Templand in the 17th & 18th Centuries by Phil Rowland

Notes on Farming at Templand around the turn of the 19th Century by Phil Rowland

Templand Common Enclosure by Phil Rowland

The Walker Family of Templand Farm 1879-1938 by Phil Rowland

Walkers of Templand – Archive Documents Commentary by Phil Rowland

Templand in the 19th and 20th Century by Phil Rowland

Wraysholme Hoard SUMMARY by Peter Roden

An early list of farmers and land owners in Cartmel by Les Gilpin

Allithwaite Lodge French Garden and Nursery by Pat Rowland

The Wyke farm by Barbara Copeland

Outerthwaite Farm v2 by Phil Rowland

Broughton Grove Farmhouse  by Nigel Mills

From flax to linen 2018 by David Shore

Flax and Hemp grown near the village of Grange by David Shore

The textile industry of the Cartmel Peninsula  by Pat Rowland, David Shore, Phil Rowland & Jennifer Gallagher

Speel Bank Farm by Lyn Prescott

John Wilkinsons method of improving moss land by Pat Rowland

Cark in Cartmel Auction Mart By Rose Clark

William Cavendish and the world class Shorthorn Cattle Herd at Holker Hall by Pat Rowland

Flookburgh Farm  by Les Gilpin

Flookburgh Farm and William Wilkinson by Pat Rowland

Brick and tileworks on Holker Estate  by Pat Rowland

Lime Kilns on the Cartmel Peninsula by Phil Rowland

The Medieval Agricultural Terraces of Cark Manor by Andrew Musgrave

Orchards by Barbara Copeland