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Rocks, Lake and Early History (of Cartmel)

Ken Howarth gave a very informative talk to a full room of people on the very early history of Cartmel.  He linked the geology of the area to the local history.  He referred to two booklets on the subject written by Murray Mitchell.

An explanation of the geology of the area included a description of the hard Bannisdale rock, the carboniferous limestone which surrounds the area and the glacial period which has left the area with numerous drumlins and pools.  The stone in the drumlins had been used to build local stone walls and the Priory was built on an outcrop of Bannisdale rock surrounded by the lakes left by the glacier.  Through his slides Ken pointed out the edges of the lakes in Cartmel which can still be seen today.

Ken then showed how fossils found in the sandstone used to build the Priory proved that the stone came from a quarry near Holker and Cark, called Quarry Flat.   Ken thinks that the quarry was much bigger than it is today as the stone probably extended beyond the railway.   Ken illustrated his talk with excellent slides.