The Lucks of Cumbria by Andrew Musgrave March 2022

We opened our 2022 season at Cartmel Village Hall recently when 30 members who attended the March lecture were welcomed back after two years without f2f meetings. We heard about the Lucks of Cumbria, an entertaining talk, given by local author Andrew Musgrave. We learned that he had investigated eleven Lucks, a project started during lockdown that resulted in the publication of his book recently. He described the precious talisman heirlooms that were presented to the owners of county houses that were supposed to ensure the protection of the house or the continuation of the family line by a male heir. He told the stories he had discovered about how and when the lucks had arrived at each house or been given to the family. He also commented on how many connections he had found between the Lucks across Cumbria and the Musgrave family who had received the first known Luck in the county at their then home at Edenhall. He ended by investigating if the Lucks had been successful. 

Pat Rowland March 2022

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