A Soldier of the Great War by Howard Martin, May 2015

A Soldier of the Great War

The May meeting, delayed by one week because of the General Election, welcomed back Howard Martin to give a second lecture on the Great War. His subject this time was the story of Geoffrey Hardy, a soldier whose name is on the Cartmel War Memorial. Geoffrey, a Quaker, was born in Banbury and he married into a local Quaker family thus giving him a connection to Cartmel. He married Mabel Isaac, the grand-daughter of W R Nash of Pit Farm, Cartmel and The Mount, Cark on 5 March 1916 whilst on 44 hours’ leave. Howard’s research uncovered information about Geoffrey’s early life and his military career. He joined the West Yorkshire Field Artillery (Howitzer) Brigade and was involved in the battle for Bullecourt between April and May 1917. Many of his letters home were quoted. He survived the battles but died from wounds inflicted when ammunition exploded in a fire involving a howitzer. He died on 27 May 1917 aged 27.

Pat Rowland

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